Full success of the BATTERY PLUS project thanks to the European Innovation Council

With the objective of bringing to the market its flexiEBUST and flexiFIVEL smart modular batteries, since 2019 Millor Battery has been intensively working in the BATTERY PLUS project.

This has been possible thanks to the funding and support of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (under grant agreement Nº881472). In a very competitive framework, the European Innovation Council, gave the Seal of Excellence to the company and choose it to fund the BATTERY PLUS project.

Now, after two and a half years of very hard and focused work of all the team, collaborators and customers, despite the different known crisis that have not help at all, MILLOR BATTERY has successfully fully accomplish all the project objectives and today the flexiEBUST and flexiFIVEL smart modular battery pack solutions are a reality in the market, exhaustive validated in laboratory and in real conditions by many customers and with all certifications including automotive type approval homologation UN/ECE-R100rev.2.

Both flexiEBUST for high voltage and flexiFIVEL for low voltage applications, the new modular batteries from MILLOR gives you extraordinary advantages:

– Minimum time to market for your product

– Maximum flexibility thanks to its smart modularity

– Fast and safe maintenance

– Weight saving

– Advanced thermal management for more power and longer life

European Union, THANK YOU!

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